Why Join Who Dares Wins. [-SAS-]?

Who Dares Wins. provides players and corporations with several unique opportunities in New Eden.

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Our famous Blackout Video - featured on the Eve Online Facebook page by CCP Games.

Proposal for joining the most electrifying Alliance in Eve Online.

Who Dares Wins. provides players and corporations with a unique opportunity in New Eden: nose bleed inducing volume of Black Ops kills; Mercenary content in High Sec, Low Sec and Null Sec; huge fleet battles without bending the knee to a Null Power Bloc, and a true family atmosphere in an Alliance devoted to RnK style gameplay. We are a member of the Rekking Crew organisation, one of the oldest Super Capital Hunting groups in the game - and now a group of powerful Lowsec Alliance who enjoy punching corrupt Null Sec Blocs in the face.

In this document we will have a comprehensive overview of the Alliance itself; some history of our formation and ethos, diplomatic contact points, the benefits of joining the Alliance, and what we require of corporations and members.

We will cover the many benefits of joining Who Dares Wins. and detail in depth some of the ways that we can enrich your experience of Eve Online. These are not limited to, and include:

We look for a certain type of member within Who Dares Wins. Those who have a propensity for working with teams and wishing to "be the best" will do exceedingly well here. Those with the desired qualities will be expected to adhere to the following standards.

We provide all of our members with the tools to be useful and helpful - it's up to them to step up! We provide the best content and we expect the best members.

A Brief History of [-SAS-]

Who Dares Wins. was formed from the ashes of two PvP Alliances. First - Violent Declaration, second - No Not Believing. The former, our founding corporation - Unkindness Incorporated - was the primary PvP corp, and our most esteemed Lord Thaddeus Drake the Military Director.

After defending Tash Murkon Low Security space from an incursion by Noir Mercenary Group, UKINC were invited to join with Noir to make a new endevour. After working together for months and taking our first tentative steps into Mercenary work - which in the years since, we have perfected into an art form.

However, with time, things move on and UKINC return to Violent Declaration and Noir move to reform Mercenary Coalition. This would not last as something rotten in the core of VD was uncovered, leading Thaddeus and his allies to turn on their once proud alliance, to expose this corruption.

An account of the Sukanan War, the final throes in the life of the once great Violent Declaration alliance.

After 2 months of apocalyptic campaigning, VD was utterly destroyed. A small group of pilots defeated one of the great lowsec power houses of it's day. One often finds after conflicts like this, fueled by righteous fury, afterward a bitter taste remains in the mouth. Thus, ties were cut and Who Dares Wins. was born to continue the mantra of justice and fighting outnumbered.

What followed was years of nomadic life; spending time as an early member of Legacy coalition and being instrumental in the securing of Catch, coordinating operations for Red Menace Coalition's invasion of Immensea and catching the first Super Capital eve killed by the NSPI group Bombers Bar are to list but some of our achievements in this time.

Insert blind drunk speech

After a long deployment to Metropolis (involving a lot of alcohol and emotional speeches) we were invited to join an organisation that we had based a lot of our early operations on - Rekking Crew. From here, we honed out craft as Black Ops operatives and pushed the envelope on what a small group can accomplish. Campaigning against Providence Bloc and Legacy, we have been a factor Rekking Crew's growth to be one of the most powerful groups in the south of New Eden.

Rekking Crew Operations

When I started this Alliance, I wanted a place to emulate the gameplay of groups like RC and Rooks and Kings. Where the focus was not on numerical advantage, but on well thought out engagements and campaigns, combined with fast, lighting strikes on the enemy. Psychological warfare, spycraft, patience and targeted aggression are our weapons. We embrace the way of the quiet operative. We hit hard, fast and as a team. Our mantra is one we have held since the beginning;

Be cruel, be unkind.

Black Ops Till I Die

Black Ops is our passion and joy in the game, and as such, we provide in spades. Within Who Dares Wins. we have some of the most decorated Black Ops Hunters in the game. In conjunction with our RC brothers we have a constant 24/7 Black Ops Standing Fleet, meaning that at any point during the day, you can go and hunt to help, or change from what you are doing into a Black Ops Battleship if a hunter nabs some unsuspecting prey.

In terms of monetization for hunters - if you successfully land tackle and cyno we obey the rules of natural salvage: you keep what you kill as the hunter. This means, nabbing yourself a faction fit Battleship or a gating Freighter in Low Security space can be a huge payout for your time investment.

We provide some limited SRP for Black Ops Battleships too just in case the worst happens, but we encourage skillful play, and have a Hunter Training Program.

Mercenaries Born and Bred

Our background as decorated mercenaries continues until this very day - taking us to unexpected parts of Wormhole Space, Null Sec, Low Sec and indeed, High Sec. This means no two contracts are the same.

Furthermore we will regularly engage in High Sec wars close to home to ensure there are ample opportunities for mercy payments and loot drops from dead structures.

Unlike most mercenary groups, we have a rigid payout structure for our contracts - with initial fee, loot drops and surrender fees going into a central pot to be payed as such:

The above model means that members who participate can be well compensated, and those active in creating content get additional cash. Furthermore, if you refer us to a potential client and they take our services, a 10% of pot Finder's Fee is awarded to you!

It's Raining ISK

We have more ways than I can rhyme to make ISK! So many in fact we had to make a guide to inform people about them all. These range from Level 5 Lowsec Missions (yes, they are how most of PL and Snuff got rich), to a huge network of R64 and R32 moons for Rorq mining, to our network of Sov in Providence we use for ratting alts, and most recently Blitz'ing Lowsec Triglavian Invasions!

We encourage corporate tax rates of less than 5% so that members can be self sustaining, however we have engineered most of our ISK making around either sale of "fixed loot" (Triglavian Survey Database/Overseer Effects) or through conversion of Loyalty Points. Indeed, with the correct setup and good LP conversion, Level 5 Missions can make you conservatively 600m an hour after sale.

When it comes to mining we have a mix of moons which are set at different tax levels - tax is not payed in isk as it is in many Null Sec groups, as we feel this unfairly disadvantages lower income players. Simply split off the % of the moon ore as tax!

We mine as part of a team, to ensure security and support should the worst happen so no sneaking out on your own. This is for your protection. This means in a fully fit Rorq, assuming you have helped to roll all wormholes and have scouted systems, you can be making over 1 billion ISK/hour relatively safely.

For lower skill point pilots we have a huge network of Lowsec Level 4 agents, with key systems with 3-4 agents per system. In addition, we have roles for people in Triglavian Invasions, and the ability to run Assault Frigates in Abyssal Deadspace. We also have 3 High Sec islands in the middle of our Low Sec, in which you can place Mining Alts. With our network of Azbels and Sotiyos you can be an industrial powerhouse in no time.

Finally, whilst most of our Sov is held under alt Alliances and in the middle of a warzone - putting alts into cheap ratting ships to make money and raise ADMs is encouraged!

Give a Man a Fish...

Most Alliances, large and small will often throw you in at the deep end with no idea what to do - but not us. We are acutely aware that our ways can be mysterious - making money isn't as brain dead as large null sec groups - and as Derelik is largely secure, one has to be willing to go a few jumps for content.

With that in mind, we have developed a HUGE database of wiki articles (you're in one right now!) to help you, your members and your friends to excel in this funny old area.

Want to try something new? It's easy! Search for it on SeAT or check out Alliance Bulletins in game for easy to access links to useful articles on ISK Making, Content Creation and New Player Experience.

Furthermore we have attractive benefits for fleet participation and being a content creator; including a Monthly Top Killer award (prize is a Large Skill Injector); Black Ops Hunters keeping the content of their kills; cheap rates on Needlejacks; and a competitive SRP program!

What Are Our Expectations?

We expect the following:

That Was A Lot Thad...What Now?

That's a whirlwind tour of [-SAS-]. If we are showing you this, it means we think you would be an amazing addition to our family. We don't look for blind numbers, we look for associates and friends to play with. Our ethos is win by outplaying, out performing and out thinking our enemy. We try to not be wasteful because everything costs time.

The return for that investment on time and thought? Some of the greatest experiences and sights in New Eden. Black Ops drops worth more than most capital fleets; super capital numbers that make some Null Blocs blush; huge battles against Provi; Mercenary work taking you all over New Eden chasing ISK, kills and glory; billions of ISK in production and ore. It all really boils down to doing some fun stuff with friends.

Winning at everything we do is our aspiration. Won't you join us?

Be cruel, be unkind.

Thaddeus Drake, Executor [-SAS-]

Thaddeus Drake

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