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You've joined Who Dares Wins. How astonishingly fantastic is that! What on earth do you do now?

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You've joined Who Dares Wins. How astonishingly fantastic is that!

What on earth do you do now? A brief summary first and then we can cover more in depth:

To tackle all of that in more detail:

Re-Log Characters to Update Standings

Eve is notorious for the importance of the "session change". Sometimes docking up and undocking can update personal standings but often you will not show as a blue character to other players. Safely Logging Off and Logging On will eliminate any risk in you not showing as in Alliance.

Ensure you are signed up to SeAT for Alliance and Rekking Crew


Join both TS and Discord through the Connector Tab.


SeAT is not just a background check, it's a platform for out of game information for our members. The most basic functionality is that it will assign you the correct roles on Discord and Teamspeak, so follow the link above and hit the connector buttons. Simple instructions will follow.

For Rekking Crew specifically, contact Thaddeus Drake once you are signed up to services so that your roles can be pushed through.

Click to connect to all services. Furthermore, go to GROUPS and join any appropriate. Contact Thad for entry.

Explore Alliance Bulletins for Additional Information

Example of the Alliance Bulletin Board

The Bulletin board ingame (Corporation Tab >> Alliance Tab >> Bulletins) generally contains the most up to date information on Alliance Structure, Doctrines, Staging, Contract Status, Jump Freighter routes and rates, and finally contains quick links to our useful Wiki Articles. Take some time and familiarise yourself with our structure, most importantly - ask some questions!

Explore Who Dares Wins. SeAT Instance

Our SeAT is your one stop shop for important information. Looking through the tabs on the left hand side you will find:

On the top right you will find your Character Portrait where you can link your alt accounts to the SeAT instance.


Configure Your Teamspeak 3 for Dual Comms

While on one Teamspeak server, go to bookmarks, right click the other server and "Connect in new tab".

With your addresses bookmarked in Teamspeak 3, you can Right Click a server in your Bookmarks and open it in a new Tab. Set this up so you can see both TS3 servers when tabbed into them - and you can be available for social chat and flash form BLOPS or Capital drops at any time.

Move Assets to Camal Keepstar - Moving Assets, Capitals and Supercapitals

As per the New Member/Corporation Help Article your subcapital assets should be in Derelik already. You should now be able to move freely towards Camal. Inform your new friends that you will be moving some assets in and see if anyone can Scout you to Camal. Rekking Crew locals - unlike our reputation - are super friendly and will be happy to assist you!

Regarding Capitals and Supercapitals that presents a specific challenge.

The easier of the two is obviously regular Capital Ships. Under the new Chaos Era Cyno rules, you will have to use a Force Recon Ship as your in-cyno, which can get costly. General rule: If you are more than 3 cyno jumps away, SELL THE CAPITALS on public contract. You can pick them up at a very reasonable price locally.

Supercapitals are a completely different matter. Being Super Hunters ourselves we know all the tricks of the trade to make your big shiney ship die. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you even log on a Super Capital until you have informed Thaddeus Drake of their whereabouts.

The next stage in the process will be for the Rekking Crew team to figure out your best possible route to the Keepstar and to provide you with all of the support you require, including scouting and havens to stage. You will likely be looking at a lot of Downtime Jumps (11:00 Eve Time) so it could feasibly take you a few days or even weeks to move the super(s).

The payoff though for your patience? The ability to USE your Supercapitals as we call for them regularly. Please refrain from using them outwith Supercapital fleet operations, as you will be removed. We play hard because we are disciplined and experienced.

Registering Alts and Ensuring Their Use

With such a wide group of Alliances with their own alt groups, we like to keep on top of things. There are 2 ways you can keep you alt safe - both showing as blue to our allies, but also for your alt to see other blues with a list that is consistently updated.

Thaddeus Drake

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