Isk Making: Lowsec Ratting - Besieged Sites & Mordu's Legion Belt Rats

Besieged Guristas Covert Research Facility is an unique cosmic anomaly found in lowsec regions.

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Besieged Guristas Covert Research Facility [GREEN SITE]

Recommended Fitting: [CLICK HERE]

Besieged Guristas Covert Research Facility is an unique cosmic anomaly found in lowsec regions that spawns two waves of Mordu's Legion cruisers and battleships equipped with webifiers and warp disruptors. Unlike other enemies, these ships are able to switch damage types to find what is most effective against a given target (they do not deal omni damage).

The site will spawn two groups of Mordu's Legion ships. The cruisers and "Mordus Legion battleships" will warp disrupt and web. The "Mordu's Legion Commander" does not web or point but deals much higher damage and tanks more. Note that all the ships will be named as "Mordu's Legion Battleships" regardless of ship type.

The battleship webs have range of 22 km so they can be kited. The warp disruptors have range of 36 km.

The rats will deal all damage types and will adjust to hit at your biggest resist hole. Against "Mordu's Legion Battleships" the best damage is EM but other damage types are almost as good. Against "Mordu's Legion Commander" kinetic is much better than any other damage type.

After all ships are destroyed you can loot the goodies from the hub. The lab can be destroyed and looted before ships are destroyed but you may want to focus all damage on the ships.

Top loot includes high volumes of Covert Research Materials, Implant BPCs, Jump Drive Economiser BPCs and SKINs.

Jump Drive Economisers are extremely profitable and take small amounts of minerals and PI materials to make!

Can be run effectively with suggested Tengu.

Mordus Legion Spawns [ASTEROID BELT]

Like Clone Soldier spawns above, there is a percentage chance that a random Mordus Legion rat will spawn in lowsec asteroid belts. These rare spawns drop their respective BPC (Garmur, Orthrus, Barghest) but are very tough. They warp scramble, do high damage and have significant active tanks. They almost seem to be designed as a trap for the typical low sec ratting destroyer. The Barghest requires about 800 dps to break. Use suggested Tengu for maximum effect.

Finding these rats and building/selling the BPCs is extremely profitable. Above Clone Soldier method should apply.

Thaddeus Drake

Published a year ago