Isk Making: Local Planetary Interaction Examples

As of Into the Abyss, PI (Planetary Interaction) got a lot easier. It’s far less click intensive to setup and notably easier to maintain.

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Easy as PI - Guide to Derelik Planetary Interaction


As of Into the Abyss, PI (Planetary Interaction) got a lot easier. It’s far less click intensive to setup and notably easier to maintain. The basics can be read here →

TLDR – PI involves setting up resource extractors, getting basic (T0) resources and processing them up to the desired Tier.

PI Flow chart for reference  →

If you have chrome this will display on page. Anyone else may need to download it. It might look daunting at first but the thing to remember, once its setup you only need to maintain it which is dead easy.

Finally, TRAIN AN EPITHAL. Epithals are the PI specialist haulers in this game. They have a dedicated PI hold and can be nano fit for speed without compromising the cargo space. Min requirement is Gallente Industrial 1.

Basic/Low SP PI Chain – Final Product – Gel-matrix Biopaste

(See the left-hand side of the Integrity Response Drones on PI Chart)

System – Jaymass (Next door to Camal)

Skill Requirements

Asset Requirements

Planets Used

What to do: NB – Make sure you have all 3 command centres with you.

  1. Read the basics on how to setup a new colony on the EVE UNI page. It’s very concise and super easy to follow.

  2. Once you’ve got the basics, setup the following on Planet 1 – Barren.

  3. A launch pad and a warehouse. Use the warehouse as your destination for all your resources, and the launch pad for all your products. This way their separated + excess resources will take up an ass load of space and you don’t want to valuable products to vanish.

  4. 1 x Extractor for Basic Metals and 1 for Carbon compounds. You’ll likely want 2 heads for both to feed your processors. Note -  See the guide for how to route your extracted resources. Send them to your warehouse.
  5. Setup 2 basic processors (1 if you don’t have enough grid) for both Precious Metals and Biocells. Note – The schematics are preloaded into the processor, you don’t need to fetch them. Just choose the right one.

  6. Setup 1 Advanced processor for Biocells. Send them to your launch pad.

  7. Next head to planet 2 and setup the following:

  8. See step 3 for infrastructure.

  9. Extractors for suspended plasma and Aqueous liquids. The liquids are quite low here so make sure you use multiple heads, probably 1:2 ratio compared to plasma to avoid excess.

  10. 2 Basic processors for both Plasmoids and Water.

  11. 1 Advanced processor for Super Conductors.

  12. Setup another advance processor and select Gel-Matrix Biopaste. You’ll need to ship all your advanced products here through the POCOs. Setup the processor to pull the require products from the launch pad. Route your Biopaste back to the launch pad.

  13. Send them to the destinations set out in steps 4-6.

  14. Go to planet 5 and setup the following:

  15. Extractors for Noble Gas and Reactive Gas. You’ll need probably just 1 head for Noble gas and at least 3 or 4 for reactive gas. ~

  16. 2 Basic Processors for Oxygen and Oxidising Compounds.

  17. 1 advanced processor for Oxides. Ensure to set your routes as mentioned in steps    4-7

  18. And that’s it guys. Ensure you reset your cycles and enjoy your free ISK. Go back over your setups and if you have spare powergrid then see if you can expand your resource gathering. Be careful about bottlenecks that might appear especially on the gas planet. If your struggling and cant, see where the problems are please feel free to PM me (Cryonano). Also you’ll need to move your advanced products periodically to Planet 2, maybe once every few days and extract your paste while your at it.

Medium SP PI Chain – Final Product Organic Mortar Applicators

System – Camal

Skill Requirements

Asset Requirements

Planets Used

Now you’ve got the hand of PI I’ll abridge what you need to do step by step and just tell what needs to go where.

What to do: Abridged Version

  1. Planet 1 – Extractors for Heavy Metals and Non-CS Crystals.
  2. Processors for Toxic Metals and Chiral Structures
  3. Advanced Processor for Consumer Electronics
  4. Advanced Processor for Robotics. – Ship Mechanical parts from planet 8
  5. Planet 6 – Extractors for Aqueous Liquids and Ionic Solutions
  6. Processors for Water and Electrolytes.
  7. Advanced Processor for Coolant.
  8. Advanced Processor for Condensates. – Ship Oxides from planet 7
  9. Planet 7 – Extractors for Noble Gas and Reactive Gas
  10. Processors for Oxygen and Oxidising Compounds
  11. Advanced Processor for Oxides.
  12. Planet 8 – Extractors for Micro Organisms, Noble Metals and Base Metals.
  13. Processors for Bacteria, Precious Metals and Reactive Metals.
  14. Advanced Processor for Mechanical Parts.
  15. High Tech Production for Organic Mortar Applicators. Ship Robotics and Condensates from Planets 6 and 1 respectively.

Note if you have upgrades 5 – You can move the robotics processor to the P8 Barren to save shipping. I’ve placed it on P1 cause of powergrid limitations.

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