Isk Making: Level 5 Missions - Blitz Missions

A straightforward guide on making dank ticks right here in Derelik, while simultaneously making you a better carrier pilot.

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Level 5 Carrier Blitzing - Faspera - Derelik- Lowsec

First you need a toon that can fly a carrier! Second, you will require that character, or a mission “puller” toon who has 7.0 standing with either Ammatar Fleet, or Ammatar Mandate. There are multiple guides on how to get that eg:

Having a main AND alts to pull is generally much more efficient, as you will often be rejecting missions that cannot be Blitz’d. Rejecting twice from the same agent within 4 hours will cause a large standings decrease, so make sure you maintain 7.0 standings - by either having a backup toon to pull for you, or by switching to L4s (see Blitz guide for L4s).

The Apex Predator of Level 5 Missions, the Dank Shekels 2.1 can also blitz some L4 missions.

These are easily Blitz’d in the following Thanatos fit.  [Link to SeAT]

[Thanatos, ISKATOS LEVEL 5 2.0]

Damage Control II
Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
25000mm Steel Plates I
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Capital Armor Repairer I

500MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Omnidirectional Tracking Link II
Drone Navigation Computer II
Sensor Booster II
Drone Navigation Computer II

Domination Large Proton Smartbomb
Fighter Support Unit I
Fighter Support Unit I
Networked Sensor Array
Fighter Support Unit I

Capital Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Capital Drone Durability Enhancer I
Capital Drone Durability Enhancer I

Firbolg II x9

Tracking Speed Script x1
Centum C-Type Energized Explosive Membrane x1
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II x1
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane x1
Burst Jammer II x2
Capital Capacitor Booster I x2
Domination Large Proton Smartbomb x4

Good things to have:- Mobile Depot and sets of Inertial & Warp Core Stabalizers, Mobile Tractor Unit, Isotopes and Liquid Ozone.

Please note: In the long run, you want one of these in each system you do a L5 so you don’t have to gate your main carrier around the place. Will make you safer and more time efficient.

L5 Carrier Blitz Mission Guide:

WARNING - These will negatively affect standings towards the aggressor faction of the Character which is running the mission, not the mission puller. You may want to avoid having your main be your Carrier pilot. Alternatively, if you wish to maintain your Minmatar/Gallente standings, please avoid missions against those factions.

A Wolf by the Ears [CARRIER]

Warp in at 100km and kill all NPC Fighters. After this you will have aggro from one NPC group, kill them. If you happen to not have agro from any NPC group, warp out and come back closer. Kill all subcap NPCs; only then start working on the carrier.

If doing with 2 carriers with decent skills; warp at 10, and just rape thru npcs and then finish the carrier once everything is dead.

The Big Sting (Part 1 of 3) [CARRIER]

Using a fast frigate or shuttle, warp in at 100km and immediately warp out. Wait 8 minutes for the full room to spawn.

Warp back in at 100km with your carrier and kill all the “Special Forces” ships.

Frigates will point.

!!Avoid moving within 10 km of the “Ghost Ship”, as it will cause more waves to spawn.!!

Cleaning House [CARRIER]

Warp in and destroy the the station, a spawn should appear. Upon shooting one of the ships that just spawned, a second spawn appears. Kill all cruisers, battleships, and frigates in the spawns to complete.

The Fortress [CARRIER]


Warp in at 100km (If you don’t you will DIE!) align out, and wait a few seconds for full room aggression. Launch your fighters and attack the “Capital Ship Assembly Array.”

As soon as the CSAA is destroyed, recall your fighters and warp out.

If you take too long, you will be neuted out/tackled by npcs and die.

The Fortress - Dangerous if done sloppy

Lights Out [CARRIER]

Warp in at 100km and align out to safety. Destroy Gallente Federation Control Tower and Gallente Lieutenant.

Operation Wyrmsbane [CARRIER]

Warp in at 100km and destroy the “Serpentis Stronghold.” For extra payout - with best fit carrier - kill all Core Admiral Battleships for quick, extra payout.

Operation Wyrmsbane

Operation Wyrmslayer [CARRIER]

Using a fast frigate or shuttle, warp in at 100km and immediately warp out. Wait 6 minutes for the full room to spawn. Return to site and start shooting the frigate group above the station until the Shadow Serpentis Battleship spawns. Kill it and bookmark the wreck. Warp out, complete the mission and warp back to the bookmark to get the faction loot.

Reclamation [CARRIER]

Add Large Collidable Structures to your overview. Kill the closest “Colony” and the “Imperial Templar Diviner”/ “State Nagashin”  battleships that spawn when you shoot it.

Sansha Acquisition [CARRIER]

Make sure you have an MTU before taking this mission.

Warp in at 100km. Destroy the “Sansha Battlestation”. Drop MTU and warp away. Warp back to 100km after a minute or so and pickup MTU and 100 Prisoners. Requires 750m3 free, apparently a prisoner requires 7.5 cubic meters of freedom…

Sansha on the Horizon [CARRIER]

Warp in and destroy the station (its very small and pretty hard to see if your not zoomed in) and kill the spawn that occurs after the station is destroyed.

Sansha on the Horizon

Wrath of Angels [CARRIER]

Make sure you have 2 Scientist before taking this mission.

Warp in at 100km and kill the “Drug Lab.” Bookmark the can that's dropped. Purchase two Scientist (Usually on contract near your Level 5 mission hub) and turn in the mission, and go back to lewt the can which has 2 scientists so you won't need to buy any more.

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