Flight Academy: The Fleet Commander Training Program

"What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations." Sun Tzu, The Art of War: Chapter 2

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"What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations." Sun Tzu, The Art of War: Chapter 2

1) Introduction
2) Why Do We Need Fleet Commanders?
3) Ranks of Fleet Commander
4) Performance Expectations of Command Candidates
5) Training Queues
6) Types of Fleet
7) Contacts


The Who Dares Wins. Fleet Commander Training Program seeks to elevate pilots with exceptional talent into Leaders within the organisation. Focused not only on providing candidates with a robust knowledge of in game mechanics and strategies - this program will also seek to provide candidates with transferrable leadership skills that can be applied in real life.

Candidates will be taken through gameplay around Fleets, followed by being introduced to the mentors of the program, the ships that will be provided to them and to their "wingman". Wingmen will be groups of 2 candidates who help each other and work together to make fleets happen. All candidates will report in to the Program Coordinator regularly for appraisal and guidance. Furthermore, bi-weekly classroom sessions from Senior Fleet Commanders will be provided.

Our expectation is for all members of the program to take to heart the ethos of Who Dares Wins. fleet engagements and content creation. Long, drawn out engagements and roams are not desired in our style of gameplay - like the real Special Air Service, we strike hard, fast and bug out at the right time like a Commando unit. This you must embrace too - and rather than a slug fest, we desire for our FCs to make the smart decisions. Why, how, where and who - these are the considerations you must made when going into engagements.

As a Fleet Commander, you are on a pedestal, as any leader is in any organisation. As such you must hold yourself to a higher level of credibility than other line members do. Every careless action, every mistake, every misplaced word will be scrutinised by your peers. You will be infamous in your group for the right or wrong reasons. The pay off? The most dynamic gameplay of any video game and genuine adrenaline moments.

There is no greater risk or reward than that of being a Fleet Commander.

Why Do We Need Fleet Commanders?

Fleet Commanders are an essential part of the Eve Online experience. They are learned strategists and masters of gameplay mechanics. They are also aspirational characters within an Alliance, and are looked upon as those who embody the values of that group the most.

Fleet Commanders are there to take charge of PvP engagements in a group - and on occasion PvE operations too. Often, Fleet Commanders start out as members who take our small cheap roams, or are the senior member who takes charge of a Home Defence fleet when a mainline FC is not available. They will then perhaps move on to taking T1 Cruiser Roams or perhaps move to Gate Camping. Eventually, they will grown in confidence and knowledge and before you know it - they will be Fleet Commanding large engagements with mainline doctrines.

As such, a Fleet Commander is the beating heart of the PvP wing of an Alliance. A talented individual, with exceptional knowledge of ship lines and mechanics, who is an excellent communicator.

Ranks of Fleet Commander within Who Dares Wins. [-SAS-]

Junior Fleet Commander [JFC]

A new entrant into the Fleet Commander Training Program. Is untested in the field to a degree. Will be expected to run minimum allocation of fleets to remain in the program - more is not expected. Will be authorised to use pre-designed T1 hulls, provided by Alliance for operations.

Will be expected to regularly check in with Logistics Commander, Micro Gang Tutors and other Fleet Commanders for advice and feedback on fleets. Should also be training according to training plan detailed below, and working towards specialised fleet roles.

Skirmish Fleet Commander [SFC]

A candidate who has regular and successful content - and has trained into all doctrines. Will also be able to fill various roles within a fleet. Candidate will have shown an appreciation for strategy, tactics and can be trusted with Skirmish Doctrines; CORSAIR, REDJACK and VALKYRIE

Will be expected to pick up more than the minimum requirement for fleets - but not required to schedule more than the minimum requirement. This could be attending the fleets of others in a specialist role, flash forming home defence efforts - or indeed choosing to schedule over the 1/14 requirement.

Fleet Commander [FC]

A proven Commander of people, with excellent communication skills and tactical acumen. Has experience of leading many different styles of fleet - and at many different sizes.

Can be trusted to get any job done, and make opportunity cost decisions with Alliance level assets. Will be expected to be a regular fixture on the fleet schedule - and be out creating content regularly.

Should be an ambassador for the Alliance and it's values. As such, a fully fledged Fleet Commander can be trusted with any task they feel meets their skill level - and with any doctrine they prefer.

Logistics Commander [LC]

A specialist FC that is not required to schedule fleet content. Logistics Commanders marshal Logi wings in fleets, and will act as an anchor for Logistics ships, as well as coordinate capacitor chains and monitor areas where focus is needed.

Logistics Commanders have a huge job - in alerting the Fleet Commander to threats to the vital Logistics wing, and providing information on the stability of repairs to the fleet at large. If the Logi is breaking: you let the FC know so he can make an informed decision.

Performance Expectations for Candidates in the Fleet Commander Training Program

1) You, as a candidate, will be expected to follow the code of conduct we set to all members to the letter. All Butcher's Bills must be settled promptly, if you are in space you should be on -SAS- Teamspeak. You should also be signed up and regularly checking both Alliance and Rekking Crew Discord.

2) You, as a candidate, will be assigned a "Wingman" - who will be a fellow candidate in the program. You will be required to have your wingman on at least 1 of your fleets in a 2 week period, and debrief with them after for feedback. You can also utilise them as an anchor, target caller or secondary FC.

3) You, as a candidate, will be expected to have 1 scheduled fleet on SeAT every 14 days - and be expected to attend 1 other fleet every 14 days. This means you can alternate between hosting a fleet one week, and attending one the next week - and repeating the pattern.

4) You, as a candidate, are expected to be responsible with your fleets - do not whelp a fleet for the sake of a whelp. Whilst losing fleets is to be expected - if you can bring the fleet home: bring it home.

5) You will be expected to spend time with Specialists within the Alliance - and train your skills in Tackle, Scouting, Micro Gang and Logistics.

6) You will be expected to keep a broadly positive killboard month to month - keeping at above 85% ISK efficiency, and showing regular PvP. This can take the form of your own fleets, Alliance Fleets, Rekking Crew fleets, and to a lesser extent, NPSI

7) You will not engage in any Blue on Blue hostile action.

8) You will attend at least 1 Rekking Crew formup every 28 days - this can be a pinged operation or a flash form defence.

9) You will be expected to be in a Specialist Role in Alliance Fleet that you attend if the FC requests that you do so. This could be as Scout, Interceptor, Interdictor, Combat Recon or Logistics. As such you should have doctrine ships ready for DPS and the roles previously stated.

10) Schedule any Bombers Bar Fleets on SeAT as and when the channel is updated - we support the Cloaky Community in Eve Online!

Training Queues

Handy graphic shows your rough training progression as a new FC according to the current doctrines of the Alliance. Featured in Red, names of specific ships, in Orange, specific doctrines, in Yellow the group of doctrines to train before moving to the next level.

The above graphic should give you a rough visual breakdown of the current training expectations of all new FCs to the program. To further clarify, in the Alliance Bulletins page in the Corporation Tab in game, you can find our Doctrine Tree, which gives a training priority to each doctrine we have.

To flesh this out, by clicking on the doctrine link you can further examine each ship and SeAT will analyse any missing skills your character has, and will provide you with a sample training plan on the right side of the graphic.

Seat Image of Training Queue for selected fittings in a doctrine.

If you have any questions on training plans, or wish a bespoke training plan made for you, please contact Thaddeus Drake or Chad VanGaalen.

Types of Fleet You Will Be Running

Within the program we would expect you to take a variety of fleets in order to round out your knowledge of various game mechanics. The list below is not extensive, but will give you a rough idea of the progression that we would recommend.

1) Lowsec Gate/Station Camping - Fleet of generally armour ships that camp non-regional gates with an instalocking ship. [JFC]

2) Roaming T1 Cruiser Gangs - Either as kiting Caracals or brawling Vexors. These ships will be provided for you. [JFC]

3) Filament Roams - T1 Cruiser Gangs using Filaments to quickly get to different parts of space. [JFC]

4) Thadistan Gang Rapid Response - Work in tandem with senior nano-gang team to form Caracals/Drakes to chase off solo or small gangs. [JFC]

5) Nullsec Gate Camp - YMP, KBP or R3- camp with interdictors, can be done as cloaky or with cruisers. [SFC]

6) VALKYRIE Structure Bash - Use VALKYIRE doctrine to make timers on local neutral structures. [SFC]

7) Krab Defence - Form a gang to defend mining operations outside of X-4 when the Alliance is trying to force Ice Belts to respawn closer to home. [SFC]

8) CORSAIR Home Defence - Cerb gang to support nano-gang in escalating Home Defence engagements. [SFC]

9) REDJACK Roaming/Filamenting - Jackdaw rapid gang. [SFC]

10) Merc War  Target Contract Harassment - using various doctrines to RF structures on Contracts, or hunt enemy War Targets. [SFC]


All contacts are available in the Spec-Ops Channel in Alliance Discord.

FC Program Developer - Thaddeus Drake [FC] (High Level Questions)

FC Program Coordinator - Sir Gauss (Program Questions/Check Ins)

FC Program IT Manager - Chad Vangaalen [FC] (SeAT/Discord Issues)

Logistics Commander - Blitz Jaegerling [LC]

Micro-Gang Specialist - Tyr Riddick

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